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'Roid Rage

Dec 13, 2011 -- 10:08am

The positive performance enhancing drug test for newly minted MVP Ryan Braun is saddening, disheartening and frustrating. Sure, it will hurt the Brewers not to have Braun in the 3rd spot in the lineup for the first two months of the season.  But that’s not why its so painful to me. I was actually starting to believe that baseball had pretty much cleaned up its act. Testing in the minors has been in place for years. The major league testing program has been going on for some time as well and players have been busted. Sure, there will always be that next thing that will take a few years to detect and test for, but I believed that players appetites to look for that next thing had been severely diminished. But now, the poster boy for the new era of baseball gets busted.  Braun was the NL’s leading All-Star vote getter last year. I don’t care if it was accidental or inadvertent.  Not  knowing is not a defense.  It’s not devastating to the game of baseball..but it just adds  to the stains on the game and this one hurts alittle more not just because it’s a Brewer  but because he’s one of the guys from the post-steroid era…a post steroid era that may not actually exist.


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