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Can They Defend?

Dec 27, 2011 -- 6:18am

I gotta admit...watching a third string running back and an unknown runningback and a quarterback who was teaching high school less than a month ago carve up the Packers defense while the game still mattered Christmas night was dispiriting. No..the Packers cannot defend their Super Bowl title if the defense plays that poorly. Head Coach Mike McCarthy says the run defense graded out worse than it ever has in his coaching career. If that doesn't improve in the playoffs the Packers will be hard pressed to even make it to Indy. When teams run successfully against the Packers it means the Packers offense is not on the field as much. Both Kansas City and Chicago ran well and dominated time of possession. That means the Packers offense has limited time and opportunities to do their thing. A couple three and outs and the Packers could find themselves down and out. Ryan Pickett missed both the Chiefs and Bears games. He is due back for the playoffs. He will be a big help when it comes to stuffing the run. But he can't do it alone. The Packers must do a better job of taking away the run in the post-season or it will be a short run for them.


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