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So What is Plan B?

Jan 25, 2012 -- 1:59pm

So now that Prince Fielder is finally and officially gone as a Milwaukee Brewer, the Mat Gamel era begins. And what exactly has Mr. Gamel done to earn the job as the firstbaseman for the defending NL Central Champs? In 85 games over three seasons, Gamel has hit 5HR's and batted a robust .222. In 171 AB's Gamel has struck out 67 times. That's one strike-out every 2.5 times at-bat.  Gamel was sooo bad and apparently developed such an attitude, the pennant-chasing Brewers decided they didn't need a power-hitting lefty off the bench down the stretch. Put it this way, they thought Craig Counsell-fresh off an 0h-for-44 streak- would be more useful. So when Gamel flames out...what's Plan B? Corey Hart to first when he has already indicated he would prefer not to? Even if you talk Hart into that, then who plays right? Carlos Gomez? I don't think so! Maybe Taylor Green will blossom, but he is more unproven than Gamel. Really, how much would it have cost the Brewers to keep Jerry Hairston? No, he's not your typical firstbaseman and probably shouldn't be an everyday player, but at least he's a proven commodity and a patient, smart hitter. The Brewers will miss that now that Prince is gone.


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