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BAD-gers Finish

Mar 23, 2012 -- 7:45am

So I did what Matt Forte should have done and slept on things before reacting. I don't think it helped. First of all, Wisconsin, Bo Ryan and his staff did an excellent job of devising a game plan to exploit Syracuse's zone and still allow Wisconsin to do what it does best...make open 3's. Wisconsin rotated a bunch of different players into the high post to give Syracuse different looks. Some worked..some didn't, but it was good to see the ingenuity. I thought the players themselves did not execute particularly well. There were all kinds of open entry passes to the high  post the Badgers passed on.( get it?!?  passed on passing?!?)  That said, Wisconsin was still able to make their open looks and played well enough to squeeze the Orange. It could be boiled down to the Badgers living and dying on 3's. They made 6 in a row and had the lead. They missed their last 5 and lost the game. But they didn't need to miss their 5th one at the end because they didn't need a three to win.. All they needed was 2. Yet their best offensive player of the night was not on the court at the end and the coaching staff had three chances to get him there. Why Jared Berggren was at the scorers table and not in the game is beyond me. He should have been brought in to rebound the 'cuse free throw. He should have been brought in after the rebound was knocked out of bounds. He could have been brought in if Ryan would have called a TO. Bo says he never leaves his inbounders without a TO. Bo, you might have wanted to make an exception. Berggren was 6 for 7. He was a threat outside, inside and passing from the high post. He needed to be in there. And another thing, Jordan Taylor is a poised senior leader and tactician who can use his size to get anywhere on the court. With or without Berggren on the court, he has to attack the basket..draw a foul.. win from the line.. dish to an open shooter... he has to attack. And speaking of the line. I have focused alot on the games final seconds, but this game was won and lost in other areas too. Wisconsin was only 7-12 from the free throw line. That cost them. And I thought their defense gave up way to many easy shots in the paint. Coach Bo said Syracuse's size, speed and athletism is hard to replicate in practice. No its not. RECRUIT BETTER ATHLETES. Wisconsin is getting there.. but I'm doubting if they can make that next step.

Well, at least they didn't stink it up like Michigan State did. So we got that going for us...which is nice...


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