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Ripe For The Picking

Dec 02, 2012 -- 7:32pm

Are you mad that NIU has crashed the BCS?  That a MAC team has weaseled its way into college football’s grand party?

Get over it.

I am a proud Husky alum who has never been happier for his alma mater.  After the disservice of 2003, when the Huskies won ten games but wasn’t selected for a bowl.  After years of winning, only to be shoved aside “because it’s just the MAC,” you bet I’m reveling in this moment.  The NIU Huskies, one of the first to try their hand at BCS busting, has broken through.

Want someone to blame?  Blame college football fans.

For years, fans screamed that the little guy was being left out.  That the BCS was so corrupt and simple-minded, that the mid-majors kept getting frozen out.  But, what about Boise State?!?!  Or those poor Horned Frogs in Fort Worth?!?!  What about them?!?!

So, the BCS did something it never does…it listened to you.  They changed their rules, allowing for schools from non-BCS conferences to party in the penthouse.  Finish in the top 12, or the top 16 and ahead of a BCS conference champion, and you’re in.  And we ate it up.  We loved it.  The little guy has his shot.  Just as long as it’s a little guy we approve of, right?

They don’t belong here, the pundits scream.  They’ll get slaughtered.  And you know what?  They may just get slaughtered.  Florida State may wipe the floor with NIU.  But would you be just as upset were Boise State in this spot?  I know your answer.  While you're at it, answer me Louisville and Wisconsin deserve a BCS bowl game?  Because...they got 'em.

Relish this moment.  In two years, this weirdness known as the BCS goes away, and NIU will have less of a shot at a game like this than ever before.  As we ring in 2013, the Huskies will be playing in a game that only college football’s elite have taken part in.  If you’ve been resisting the jump on board the train, stop.  This won’t be happening again. 

If you’re still upset that the Northern Illinois Huskies are going to the Orange Bowl, blame no one but yourself.  You wanted this.

Fellow Huskies…begin the migration to Miami.

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