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2012's Top Ten Stateline Sports Moments: #6 - "The Result Of The Play Is Final"

Dec 26, 2012 -- 5:41pm

Date: September 25

Location: Qwest Field; Seattle, Washington


That was the reaction from Packer nation on the night on September 25th in Seattle.  The rest of the nation agreed.  Never before had we seen something so egregious; so idiotic; so mindboggling.  It was like a bad dream.

The Packers were leading the Seahawks 12-7 with seven seconds remaining when former Badger Russell Wilson launched a desperation heave to the endzone.  MD Jennings caught the ball.  He is a Packer.  Golden Tate tried to catch the ball, but failed.  He is a Seahawk.  The officials ruled simultaneous possession, and awarded Tate a touchdown.  They were wrong.  So very wrong.

The “officials” weren’t supposed to be there, for they were not the normal NFL officials.  The league and referee’s union was locked in a CBA negotiation, and replacement officials were in charge the first three weeks of the year.  They were bad.  Incompetent to the point of laughter.  Their blunders week in and week out were national headlines, not just sports news.  So much pressure and anger had built up, it was only a matter of time before the top blew off.  And so it did, at the Packers expense.

The next day saw a truly ignorant statement from the league, agreeing with all that happened the night before except for the lack of a pass interference call on Golden Tate.  In one last desperate breath to save face, the NFL made their priorities known.  They would never admit their misstep and the damage their stubbornness did to the game and their image.

The lockout ended later in the week, with Roger Goodell not citing the train wreck in Seattle as a reason why.  But as dumb as the NFL thinks we are, we know that the Packers-Seahawks mess pushed all of this over the edge.  Case in point, the officials doubled their demands from the league after that game…and got it.

Not only was this moment unbelievable, it forced the powerhouse that is the NFL to swallow a bitter pill.  They were wrong, they had been wrong, and their mistake played out on a national stage in the worst way.  It cost the Packers a win.  It cost the NFL an image hit.  It cost us all a facepalm.


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