ESPN Madision
Andrew Liebetrau of ESPN 1380 recently donated bone marrow cells to a 47-year old woman suffering from a form of blood cancer.
“I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to help someone in such dire need. Cancer has had an impact on all of us, directly or indirectly; and it was an amazing thing to be able to be there for someone going through such a deadly disease. Everyone from the RRVBC and Be the Match was incredible, and without their services, lives would be lost.” – Andrew Liebetrau, ESPN 1380
Did you know that you can cure cancer?
It’s true.  Bone marrow transplants provide a cure for conditions like leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell, and over 70 different diseases and cancers.  Patients are now living full productive lives after transplant.  But for many patients, one thing stands between them and treatment: a matching donor.
Become a Marrow Donor:
The most common way blood stem cells are collected for a bone marrow transplant is from your arm, in a procedure similar to donating platelets or plasma.  We can perform this type of collection at the Rock River Valley Blood Center in Rockford. The less common way is an outpatient procedure performed under anesthesia at UW Hospital in Madison.  We pay all expenses if you are selected and you agree to donate. 
Learn more about donation at
Other Ways to Help
If you fall outside of the age guidelines of 18-44 years old or outside the health criteria, but still want to help, please make a tax-deductible donation to the Red Shoe Run for Donor Awareness , our fundraising page to help pay the tissue typing costs for each new registry member.  It is this tissue typing that doctors look at to determine if you match a patient.
Contact Margaret Shannon, mshannon@rrvbc.orgfor more information.
Or, hold a Marrow Registration Drive at your organization.  Contact Taylor Campbell, tcampbell@rrvbc.orgfor more information.
Go to for more information.  If you decide to join, use promo code savalife when prompted so you can join with the Rock River Valley Blood Center.